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I have done intensive research and found documented reports by Canadian scientists that the chemical glyphosate made in China for Monsanto Roundup weed killers and some insecticides are mutating a variety of funguses - which include fusarium, sooty mold, etc. The spray has been used on cotton to defoliage leaves for easy cotton picking by workers, to kill weeds, part of the formula in insecticide, has been sprayed on wheet, corn....yes, it is also in our food supply. These molds spores go airborn and travel great distances and gravitate to moisture, water, citrus trees. The fungus infect various insects that include mites, etc and invade their body. The insects swarm at night into homes and burrow into people's skin with the fungus, the fungus also get into air handlers, water tanks, tile grout, etc. The mutated funguses are killing bats, amphibian, pets and humans.

Also scientist Dr. David Sands promoted the introduction of fusarium fungus in certain areas of Florida for experimentation purposes.....

This is a plague that can be contained. ...YES, we can contain it. By cutting down all infected citrus trees (they especially like orange trees over grapefruit, but are found in both). Also cut down ornamental plants that are also getting infected with the mutated funguses and a variety of insects - podocarpus plants, etc.

The soil is also contaminated. So, after cutting all citrus and ornamental infected trees in a neighborhood, the soil has to be treated with anit-fungals. YOUR concentrated desinfectant that makes 64 gallons can be used.....probably not effective against fusarium, but might be effective against mutated sooty molds, and a variety of other mutated funguses.

ALL STOP CAN BE THEE LIFE SAVER for thousands to millions of people.

Bats eat insects, population explodes when bats and amphibians are being killed by the mutated funguses caused by the chemical glyphosate.

Don't forget to open the scientific findings reports of foreign scientists that have been warning the US government for the past 6 years to no aail. Monsanto makes a lot of money and has contributed to a lot of politicians campaign.

Also, the psylid insect originating in China and causing greening of citrus trees through its bye product that attracts fungus is also in the spread of both plant and human disease. There are other insects that are being excited do to the environmental change produced by glyphosate - collembola that eat fungus and decompose organic matter, white flies are swarming citrus trees along with the psyllid, red mites are being invaded by the funguses that produce hyphaes. These infected mites carrying mutated fungus look like red specs and burrow into human skin further infected humans.

Morgellons infection - infected insects, Fungal spores are introduced in humans by insects, by breathing contaminated environment, by eating contaminated food like wheet in cereal, corn, and by drinking tab water, and contaminated water.


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Comment by Renee. Coffey on January 31, 2012 at 12:11pm

Hello Nancy,

I haven't talked to you for awhile.  I agree faithfully. SALT, SALT, SALT, BATHS ARE SO IMPORTANT. they have helped me so much. my skin is little red, like sunburn, but, I don't care, the results on the pool salt baths 2 times a day is so worth it.

I called my new social services insurance, Health Net, to see if they pay for lymes testing and mri's. They said as long as I have a referral. Only problem is my regular doctor does not take this insurance. So, I have to go to the one I picked on their insurance, close to my house. I made a appt on Feb 17 th. I will need my doctor to send copies to new dr ( even though I will still continue to see my regular dr, as I have through this disease, and back issues0 and a letter from my doctor stating that she recommends this testing to be done as soon as possible.  Wish me luck... Renee C

Comment by Nancy J. Levy on May 12, 2011 at 10:19am

Hi, Azaria -- My Dr. is finding that the Lyme is virtually healed and just now concentrated in the cranial area.  As he has treated the Lyme, the Morgellons has dissipated profoundly and the physical evidence is mostly from the Demodex.  The fibers have not manifested anywhere but via the lesions in the head and they are starting to diminish.  All that said, one thing they have found that Rife/sound vibration is particularly effective with are rod or long-stem bacteria and pathogens.  The intense and varying vibrations appear to break them and it also tends to weaken and somewhat fracture cysts.  I have done this for 1 1/2 years and can testify to the fact that everything progressively weakened and became almost microscopic in size.  Since my husband got me the zapper, this has also made visible changes over a few months.


I think the end result is an utter change in lifestyle, which at this point is all good.  Consistent detoxing and cleansing (NOT QUITE AS FAST AS A WEEK AGO!!!!!!).  Truly, the itching is even diminishing and random and I am still vigilant with the bath soaks, etc.  Joany is sooooooo right ----- SALT, SALT, SALT!  What a difference that has made.


Somehow, I cannot exonerate Plum Island from this, because their dastardly experiments most probably led the pack to bio warfare against everything!  We have been subjected to so much over the last decades, but particularly since the '70's, and there is an accumulative impact as well as God knows what from the sky. 


Question:  How current is the Chemtrails Map?  I know the spraying areas have widened beyond what I saw on the map.  Just curious.


Thanks again, Azaria!



Comment by Renee Lamborn on May 11, 2011 at 11:45pm
This book came out ironic.....

Plum Island Not the Origin of Lyme Disease or HIV/AIDS, PJ Langhoff

A new book reveals that biological warfare against pest insects and public health measures are likely sources of many important illnesses of the past century.

Comment by Ayla on April 19, 2011 at 6:58pm

Thanks for posting the aircrap site. I'd forgotten about that one. For anyone looking for that link to the chemtrail map, here it is:

Nancy, did your doc do urine and stool analysis to see if you still had fibers? To me looking under a microscope is the only way to really know what is going on. What determines your doctors criteria for saying you are healed?

I am glad you are doing well, but my personal belief is that this stays in the system even if we can't see it doing damage. I have a really bad attitude when it comes to believing one can rid themselves of this and I don't even have lesions or symptoms most of the time. (I did have an itching flare-up after contact with a dog that has Morgellons), but otherwise, I feel fine. Yet I know it is still hard at work in my body. One look at the hair in my comb tells me all is not well.


Comment by Nancy J. Levy on April 19, 2011 at 4:47pm

Hi, guys -- All I can say is that I am virtually healed from Morgellons.  My Dr. found no indications that it was still present; however, still doing the "clean up" of the demodex and a few small ones, particularly on the head.  THat is where the Lyme has now concentrated so it is going also and as goes the Lyme, so goes the Morgellons.  I have just also done 3 days of ionic footbaths, something I did with great regularity when doing the sound vibration therapy daily.  Have not done them in months as the machines gave up the ghost for the footbaths.  Well, just let me tell you that many small white parasites have emerged, lots of fungus but most profoundly, the miniscule "black specks" in masses.  Since this, the attacks have really lessened regardless of the point that they were faint and weak anyhow.


Yes, you will heal -- but aggressive internal processes of killing and then intense cleansing on a constant basis.  All protocols that will be in the "maintenance" of just my overall health in the future.  No, Azaria is totally correct as no "band-aid" remedies are going to solve this environmental issue we are experiencing.  We are living with "Dr. Strangelove" and "Solyent Green" in this age and will be in a position of aggressively protecting our health and environments from now on.


By the way, go to and click into the worldwide map of where the trailiing is going on.  Very, VERY interesting!  Nothing in Canada, save the S.W. corner, nothing in Central and S. America, and from Eastern Europe to the Pacific as well as Africa.  If it is, it has not been documented.  The U.S.?  Choke it down!



Comment by Ayla on April 19, 2011 at 8:00am

The simple solution of just cutting down contaminated trees seems like putting a band-aid on a gaping flesh wound. The fungus has entered the insect population. There is no way to rid all the insects of this fungus. Therefore no way to contain the disease.

I've heard of people contracting Morgellons through so many different insect vectors, what's the fix for that?

Comment by Nancy J. Levy on February 28, 2011 at 2:53pm

Sheri -- My goodness how can we even begin to thank you for teaching us all you do.  Wow!  I have masses of more research to do, obviously.  Having been evaluated with "E-Nematodes" I am really dying to get into this link and learn more things from the scientific vantage.


Everyone, AGAIN -- when you ask what you can do about all of this, the very best source I have yet to find is that free e-book posted by Wolfe on this site in November.  It is utterly comprehensive.  After you read through this, print it off and keep it, as I did. has already researched these things and has naturapathic treatments for everything we are speaking to.  If eating any meat (which I do not), PLEASE purchase only grass fed beef, home grown pork and free range chicken.  There are (at least for the next 5 minutes!) some animal kind farmers out there and the animal never sees a feed lot nor inhumane slaughter.  I only recently learned that when you purchase ground beef it may not be what it seems ---- Ohhhh Yes!  Foreign meats are being shipped in and mixed into the beef being ground and no one truly can say each shipment is beef, much less good grade, and what else they have ground into it.  Stop trusting everyone!  Learn and, if necessary, pay the price necessary to exact the health we all so require; besides, you do NOT need meat more than two or three times a week and your health will know the difference from this change alone, believe me!


Another topical find:  Awapuhi.  It is a Hawaiian ginger plant.  Finally the head lesions were diminshed at least for a day, so went to the cheapie hairdresser for a $17 cut to the quick on my hair.  She recommended Paul Mitchell's Awapuhi shampoo and said it worked immediately on her son's ecxema and her manager's sons psoriasis.  Well, used it last night and this morning and was back into the shower to rinse off again after about 5 minutes.  They came POURING out of my skin and off of my head and

Comment by jane doe on February 28, 2011 at 1:17am

This is only part of the story....   Here's a link that talks about genetically modified nematodes.

Here's another link to a center for textile research where they are developing "novel" fibers.


Comment by Sheri Guertin on November 19, 2010 at 1:39am
Monsanto is wwwwho owns the GMO cotton in India that we(U.S.)' helped' them with.A ll of the GMO cotton in Arizona is owned by Monsanto. Farmers are not allowed to 'save seed' and must purchase new every year from them.GMO cotton then takes over and when it is in full bloom it blows to other fields. Monsanto then comes in and takes the crop from the farmer as it is their patent. Very dirty dealing.As I stated before,I worked in the cotton industry for 9 years, for a feed commodities broker.Cottonseed must be tested for most carcinogenic toxin,called aflatoxin.Feed lot cattle eat cottonseed for weight gain and the levels have to be less than 300 parts per billion.Dairy cattle are only allowed less than 20 parts per billion as this aflatoxin is excreted in milk.I was a tester,among other things,and I know how many times we sent certificates of testing with trucks that were loaded from another pile.While I was working still I was getting sicker and sicker and they fired me and would give no reason. I wonder now if I wasn't a liability The difference in pricing for clean(dairy) and dirty(meat cattle) was very substantial. Then,the cottonseed that exceeded 300m parts per billion was classified as fertilizer grade.All the big mushroom companies use that,and I am pretty sure that mushrooms grown in high levels of aflatoxin could be dangerous to us.And mushrooms are in the fungi family,correct?
Comment by harleyryder on November 18, 2010 at 12:10pm
This writting is interesting to me, and I think it could be worth looking into in depth. What struck me is more than a few facts that pertain to me and me living environment at the time I starting having symtoms.One I live in florida, I have a mango tree close to the house that is just covered with sooty mold. that tree looks sick. my orange tree and lime trees died along with most of the citrus trees in the area. I have used round up around the house. I kind of remember the local townships cutting down all citrus trees in the area, but not mine. there is also alot of arial spraying for bugs close to the home.could be some mutated freak mites and who knows what else.All I know is this happenend to me after I moved in that place.

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