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I have been suffering for 1 1/2yrs now.Seems to have some of the same symptoms as morgellons but these parasites get into carpeting and any material they can cling to and also pets.I have tried so many cleaning products for my tiny bedroom that i rent the allstop product seem to help.My cat is now living with a freind after it cost me 400$ to help her.To make a long story short I purchased a Rife Machine which uses nfrequencies to destroy any pathegens from the body in all health areas.I tries to look up Morgellons in the booklet that came with the machine but Morgellons is not inthere but parasites are.I have been zapped at least 5x now in the past 5wks.It seems to kill some and the activity has slowed down and on some days I feel nothing.But it comes back slowly.I am also useing a frequency to destroy hatchlings/eggs.If anyone wants to know my progress and try a Rife Machine.I have a Kinesiologist that has helped me tremendously.
Ask any questions you want.Oh by the way I had to throw out my home computer they love the positive energy that it gives out.I now have a laptop and cover the keyboard with saran wrap to keep them from getting in to this one.

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Comment by Elizabeth Smith on January 6, 2010 at 6:09pm
Hi LInda sorry for the delay I am getting alot of e-mail and alot of questionsAnd yes I purchased the rife machine online from The company that Dr.Staninger uses this is a toxicoligist in California that alot of Morgellons sufferers are useing if you go to you tube you will see her name used.But it is very expensive.If you purchase Dr.Hulda's book you will see how to make the machine or I just found a company yesterday that sells the kit for making it plus her para
The products and the zapping have to be done at the same time the prodicol seems to run 2 wks but may vary fir each of us depending how long,stress levels,health status,diet and other factors.I
purchased some para products on cheaper)and some on and today I purchased menthol crystals to burn on adifuser from am trying to find sulfur soap local tomarrow if not then I will purchase on line.Sullfur soap is Azufre(name) thats all I know.But very important to keep your surroundings very sanitized with bleach or ammonia and get rid of carpets,curtains any thing that they can cling to!!!By the way if your daughter is the one in the /picture with long hair I suggest for her to keep it pulled up or cut it.I know that this sounds radical but I have experienced that they love to hide in there and possibally breed.I was tempted at one time to cut all my hair off(shave)It is down to my waist and I am getting pretty sick looking at myself with it up in a bun(UGH!)Now I went to the health food store yesterday and purchased
Natural calm(2x day),garlicin 1 tab2x day,l-lysine 500mg 1 or 2 /2xday NAC Sustain 1 tab 3or 4x per/day..Because cheaper than drclarks both websites.Para products,l-ornithine, and other stuff in
her book ordered from hate thyme, fennel and garlic,so I bought organic herbs at the health food store and icorporate it in almost all my food.Yeast free diet very important in feeling great faster but very strict diet to follow but if it means getting rid of some symptoms then its worth it.I do not have Lymes ,please (see my group) for black pepper mites.I will let you know in 2 wks how I am feeling and use of menthol crystals in my room and car .Are you useing" Jasons" hair shampoo Dandruff Releif,also Azufre sulfur soap(just google this soap).If any more info needed and I can be of help don't hesitate to write.God Bless(If I can get your daughters first name then If it is allright I will add it to the prayer list at my church.)
Comment by Linda Mackenzie on December 29, 2009 at 11:25am
Hi Elizabeth,
Thank you for the info. Did you order the Rife machine online? My daughter is using a lot of garlic and used a receipt for her hair that they use for parasites for dreadlocks online which she got out so much unusual stuff out and it helped her pain. What is the brand name of the supplements you are using? We have tried several and now we are taking Propax with NTfactor just because Dr. Nicholson thought it was really beneficial in building up the michcrondia and other supplements as well. Did you indicate that you were diagnosis with Lymes as well? Is Dr. Hulda's parasite products working for you? I hope and pray that you will continue on with your healing. God Bless Linda
Comment by Elizabeth Smith on December 23, 2009 at 10:11am
Hi LInda
I am sorry this is a delayed response to your question.The Holliday's are a little crazy about now.Well my kinesiologist has his practice in Eastchester,N.Y.his name is Dr.Castaldi a very young man He was very excited that I had a Rife machine, he was the one who took the machine and read about how to use it properly as I was suffeing and since this affects your memory(at least mine!) I just couldn't consintrate enough to understand how to use it.Also a little story behind how we met.In september I was exhausted and very buggy so at the last minute I decided to take a 2 day vacation to the ocean and try to relax.(also the little bugger's don't like sea salt!!)I figured that maybe submersing my whole body in salt water would help and it did.I only use salt scrubs to shower with an liquid body soap from Allstop at times mixed together.Well to make a long story short I am a born again christian and prayed for help finding a kinesiologist to help me with the rife
machine and I met Dr.Louis(Icall him)on the beach with his wife.i only spoke to three people around near me and he was one of them and he and his wife are born again christians and the beach was packed that wkend (end of the summer). Now dont tell me that GOD is not trying to help me.By the way everyone I am feeling really good and decided to switch over to Dr.Hulda's parasite products they just arrived(bought on Herbal Healers website) I will start right after Xmas
as I am being bad right now, you know xmas sweet tooth(candy,cookies,cake,figgy pudding!LoL!
Well Happy Holliday's to everyone and lets get this all resolved in 2010!
Jesus is the reason for the Season:)
Comment by Linda Mackenzie on December 18, 2009 at 11:56am
Hi Elizabeth
Who is your kinesiologist? So glad to hear what is working for you. Keep us posted.
Comment by Elizabeth Smith on November 28, 2009 at 2:59pm
Hi Gordon
I am new to blogging and just figured out how to respond back to you,sorry.Yes the rife machine uses many frequencies for parasites that is why i went ot a kinesiologist and had muscle testing done he helped me alot.Also he put me on various supplements for my immune system because these little guys like to rob us of any good nutrition we can get.By the way I just ordered Dr.Hulda Clarks book a "Cure for all Diseases" also parasite protocol from Herbal Healer.Just arrived yesterday I will be useing these along with the rife machine.But as with the one female blogger I have a really big problem in my car due to the carpeting.I was actually going to rip out all the carpeting but do not have the energy,but it is at least 85% better than a year ago.Too many things to list that I have done with the car.
Comment by Gordon Dye on November 10, 2009 at 9:57am
Does the Rife machine work against Morgellon's?

If so, are there any frequency ranges that are more effective than others?

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