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Just like Morgellons we also suffer in the same manner as medical doctors treat us as if we have parasitosis!I am looking for anyone going through the symptoms of this and would like to compile findings and some toxicologist that will be interested

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I spoke about a wk&1/2 ago on the possibility of certain frequencies that might help with being able to kill all types of parasites.I do not have the fibers, so I have figured out that I have…Continue

Started by Elizabeth Smith. Last reply by Joan C. Lawrence Nov 2, 2010.

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Comment by Elizabeth Smith on January 11, 2010 at 2:21pm
Hi Sherry I am fine but last nite was a little bugggy! Its probablly because I was to Lazy to remove the sheets and put on clean ones.I can go 2days but 3 is not good yet!Thank God i have a tiny little room and it is all I acn handle for now to keep sterilized.Can't wait for the menthol crystals to come.I am glad you at least got Doctors to admit it is a real diagnosis but where do you go from here.My heart goes out to you and do not feel anyone should be suffering from any kind of worms coming out of any orifice in their body! I am very concerned about Melvin as he sent me a private note at the end of the holidays and sounded as if he wanted to end this life That is not good.Do you know if he is still in the members page.And how do you send a private e-mail is that what the gift box is for? I am still new as this is the first time I am blogging about anything and new to all this stuff. I was wondering if all these parasites start by entering in by our mouth should we be wearing
a face mask while in our house and car to keep from getting re-infected over and over again?? Also the black walnut hull tincture that Dr.Hulda
makes and gives instructions for us to make in her book uses either grain alcohol or Vodka.I wonder if it makes us somewhat groggy say a shot I wonder if it will kill any of them!!Did anyone try this?I don't drink
so I dont know if it slows down the little buggers!Well iI wish I could help you more.Lets pray for on another and keep our chins up.Keep me informed if anything good pops up.God Bless:)Elizabeth
Comment by Sherry Taylor on January 10, 2010 at 10:35pm
How are you Elizabeth?
Comment by Sherry Taylor on January 8, 2010 at 4:52pm
thanks elizabeth..i got my doctor on board by contacting Pamela Mae on Mel's I cured Morgellons site and she got his Dr. zamoni to call my Dr. Stewart who thn proclaimed "it is a real disease"..but he relies on me to tell him what I want...better than "I need a diagnosis, or proof" in order to prescrbe. They treat symptoms all the time and don't test..even for HiNi..unless you are in the hospital. If you go on the CDC and other striaght sites you see how much reinforcing of the delusional parasitosis diagnosis there really is...still. We are on our own. I appreciate your research and will check out that web site. By the way on the net there is a Canadian co giving away their(frequency) unit to "M" people and only ask that you give them feedback.
i've been off bactim for 2 weeks and must apologize to you and everyone.. for being a bit anxious and all my bloggings. I'm hoping Greaat Plains Labs can help me target my treatment. Mr. CommonSense has helped a lot, eh? Good Video, eh? Sincerely, Sherry
Comment by Elizabeth Smith on January 8, 2010 at 4:08pm
Hi Sherry I just spoke yesterday with the girl at the company I bought my rife machine from and told her about the zapping with 20min intervals for the 3x so other people wont get as sick as I did because they dont include that in there info.She also told me that their machine is one of the best in technology and that this one does enter into the bowel wall and eyball.But I still dont think that it enters into gallstones which Dr Hulda says every time she disected one it had a parasite in the center so her theory is that is how alot of gallstones start their formation,pretty weird huh? I also spke with her about Mr.Commonsense and told her this guy says he is symptom free but
for thanksgiving and that he says he uses an far-infra-red heating pad.
I remember her telling me when I first called to order I was going to order the far infra-red portable machine they sell but she had suggested
because it does not cover the whole body at one time the exposed areas that are not covered by the machine could possiblly cause the paras to move to the other part of the body.I hope you are following me
I wonder if this is why mr.commonsense had a relapse.But she sugested the rife machine she thought it would be a better choice.Oh
by the way if anyone wants to know about the company the website is You will see these are very expensive machines
and usually Holistic Practitioners buy products from them(Dr.Staninger)
You will see on there site a full bodied walk-in far infra-red box that is
probabally the one we need- Dr.Staninger most likely has this one.I was
going to do over the phine consultation with her but they required a form
and written diagnosis from a Dr.before she will see you.Obviously if I
could get a doctor to see something and believe me first to write a script I wouldnt be where I am now.On my own trying every thing I can to google my brains out and try.I am awaiting the menthol crystals so I
can get them out of my car yes they are up under the dash board and
like to come out once the car is idleing due to vibrations ie:Frequencies!!!I am feeling great noe on my 3rd day and sleeping thru the nite!Yeh!! I need to go now because I am in the laundromat
and as usual I have 9 dryers to empty from only one week.When I first started this whole ordeal I lived 10miles from the nearest laundromat!!
And you right I used zinc-oxide ointment for alon time I bought at CVS
but dont need it now.Well good luck with everything.God Bless
Comment by Sherry Taylor on January 8, 2010 at 5:04am
Good stuff, I'm going to start another cleanse next week
Comment by Sherry Taylor on January 7, 2010 at 1:19am
the black pepper has turned into black lint..i think that is what it looks like after I rub it because it bothers me and notice these "rolls".
black pepper is coming out of my bum..sorry folks but the zinc oxide for babies Penaten (idea i got on the net) really does help that. You're supposed to put it there before the bath. i think i'll do it at night now too, now that I know this is a problem.....Tonight the 9 v. zapper. it's hard to stay awake. the ozonator is on in the bedroom disinfesting the "dust". There are a number of critters or that what the different frequencies are for?
The ceragem mat is infra red..which would explain why my trunk is relatively untouched...the arms and legs and head that hang over take quite a beating. If this really was developed an let out we need to hold those accountable..we need to live, get healthy again and deal with this mystery. i wish there were some people who didn't have this who were interested enough to help in that way. Sincerely, Sherry
Comment by Sherry Taylor on January 4, 2010 at 11:28pm
i thought everyone had the black dots coming out of their skin..I think they are mites or bugs..just really small. Amazing they come right through your pores eh?
Fibers or not I think this is still opinion...because if you get a cut..they will travel there..and that's just not normal at all. The only thing I've found that stops it is repeated iodine straight on it. And one night the dots turned into lines coming out of my thighs..not much sleep that night. Slathering oil on them slows them down and the salt does too..also tried rubbing i feel like tenderized meat?
THey seem to genuinely hate the Neem did i at first. Has anyone tried Catnip oil from Alberta? Pamela said it is way stronger than deet..or course cats might fall in love with you..just kidding...i know I have Molly's picture up but she died of Morgellons in least that is what I think. She was a fluff ball of love...and even fought off a racoon once..we I did pluck her off from on top of it.

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