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Dear Community,

Ruth told me about the mustard..that she got info about from a Lyme site..bless them.

First time I tried it all ..ell broke loose. 

I think this can be explained by a big overload of critters..being attacked all at just blows a fuse so to speak.

Second time..2 weeks later..dampened a paper towel..put some dried mustard on it from bulk barn or some such place or keens from the grocery store(more expensive)..and grabbed a bar of ivory soap..I imagine any kind would was just there.  Lathered and rubbed on..I changed it as to not redistribute any critters.

Well my face is starting to look like "my face"..I see cuteness and aliveness coming back.

It stung a bit where the worst problems cheekbones..under-eye and temples..and ears too.

Second time this afternoon..not so bad..same good looking energy after applying it.

You are supposed to leave it on 10 minutes.

Ruth says she's symptom free..but she does a lot of other things re keeping her environment clean..and got on this research and experimentation right away.

Anyhow i hope she doesn't mind my telling a bit of her story.

So try the mustard.

I also heard early on..drink brewers yeast..I knew from having a dog that they don't get pests when they eat I had a spoon in a glass..the mild flake one..I'll build it up the more bitter one.

It's really tasty with Himalayan salt and a little hot pepper..and coconut oil too on popcorn(organic of course)...for a treat.

Who knew mustard..the Lyme people.

I'm going to have to read that site some more.

WE should pick one spot of research each or's hard to do all of them.

Then every once in a while the "invalidation" factor lays you low for a while..thank goodness there are enough of us to keep each other buoyed up..with "never giving up energy".

By the way..I'm noticing..the mustard is on is a little open may want to be careful..just ab a little bit..and take it of if it's too hot.

Little by little we will get there.

Kayty had a good idea re making a spray with part fabreeze and some neem oil..and a few other things..epsom salt..spray on everything

got to room beckons..I may have lost everyone anyway..and I'm sitting here covered in mustard!  lol


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Hi Sherry, just like to clarify, I am not cured. What I have managed to do is get a handle on the mites with the dry mustard which enables me to sleep for the first time in 6 months. I have been sleeping for about a week or 2 now. Yea! I still have the black specks coming out of me, sometimes white and some wierd looking brown things, a new symptom is vertigo, I am tired and swollen. I think I also have Bartonella or however you spell it. As we know black specks and things should not be coming out of our bodies. My next step is to find a professional to help me detox metal.  I am determined to beat this. I am finally working a bit again which I have not been able to for 6 months. I am trying to get back to normal and being able to sleep really helps.

If someone else has the mite problem here is a good site, a nice man named David gathered all the information together.

Cheers re the mustard Sherry!  I had just enough time to throw a tablespoons worth into the sausage curry I'm cooking.  Mmm...Curry!

That delusional insects site looks interesting Ruth ta - I shall have a look at it.

i am so happy for you sherry! do you put this all over your face? just dry mustard? also is it just for open lesions or just to get them out of the skin. i really need to know. lol btw. isee your picture, you are cute anyway./k.

Karen, please read the link on how to use the mustard. It should not feel like your skin is burning. Ruth

thank you ruth, i will try to find it. havent been on the board enough to always know how to search things out. also am a computer

Ruth said:

Karen, please read the link on how to use the mustard. It should not feel like your skin is burning. Ruth

Hi Karen, it's the first reply by me in the mustard discussion. You just click on the link I provided. It outlines the dry mustard routine. Ruth

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