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Gretchen Schulz replied to Karyn's discussion Critter under couch
"Geez, from far away it looks like two Krispy Kreme donuts!  If only, right? The little thing between them looks kind of like the rice-looking things I found a few times last year, before I bought the DampRid.  I think they were some sort…"
2 minutes ago
Gretchen Schulz replied to Gretchen Schulz's discussion strong odor in clothing box
"Thank you for the input and the hug.   You're right I should try the MMS, I haven't bought any yet but might get some money soon.The only thing is our washers are the front-loading ones you have to put the clothes in right away, the…"
11 minutes ago
Sherry Taylor posted a discussion

how to transmute into the positive energy

Dear community,I sat on this and listened to it twice..Laura Magdaline Eisenhower covers a lot of ground in this recent interview..and she does it fast. google her name and you will most likely find's a long "listen" and you can have the audio on while doing clean up..if you can do two things at once still.I think "healing" is a full time job so doing anything else is multi…See More
27 minutes ago
Gretchen Schulz posted a discussion

strong odor in clothing box

I have a problem I had last year but wasn't expecting to occur again.  Last year we had issues in our apt having to do with mold or something (even had gray fuzz growing on walls, door, some clothes).  When I used the DampRid the issue improved.  But I'd put alot of clothes into plastic bags and then some of the bags started to get a strong odor in them and the clothes in them started to get ruined too.  I did throw out alot last year.  Since then I've kept the clothes I wear frequently mostly…See More
3 hours ago

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New To Morgellons

Hi! I have been suffering from systemic lupus since 1990. My health has been going south since then. Have been on many lupus meds over the years including chemo since my particular form of lupus is neuropsychiatric lupus causing bi-polar symptoms among others. Lately, I was in a bad car accident 5 years ago causing 7 surgeries over the next 3 years requiring many pain meds which they told me I would have to always be on. I did not like this and the pain remained bad no matter how large the dose… Continue

Posted by Sharon C Condon on March 29, 2014 at 1:30pm — 4 Comments

For those who are new....and those who have been around a while

I have spent SO much time on this, but havent we ALL?!!Who would believe all this? I wouldnt have four years ago. Its not in the books. Doctors never heard of it.

And.....lets face it, its just plain weird. Sooner or later one might doubt your sanity.

Well. I'm here to say, DONT doubt your sanity. Unfortunately the medical community has much to learn.....with the way human health is and such, I find it horriable there aren't more doctors and researchers listening OR… Continue

Posted by Dazed&Confused on March 11, 2014 at 6:00pm

salicylic acid . aspirin on the wound . red wine . olive leaf extract . oregeno

all of the above work!!!!! the aspirin internally ask your doctor the aspirin on the wounds is terrific! i had the worst thick morgel on a wound and nothing worked to heal it NOTHING i made a paste with the aspirin and covered the open wound and to my surprise the next day the thick whatever it was fell off - no pain - just gone!!!! i had that thing for five years - nothing worked but the aspirin did it - gently healed it.  

Posted by loretta greiner on January 14, 2014 at 9:38pm

freezing morgellons no heat

I used an over-the counter freeze on a morgellons wound and i was flipped out when a plastic spray sprung out like a spring flower - like they say WHAT THE HELL? Can you imagine seeing that - plastic coming out of a wound ???? It was about an inch high and there were three sprigs with a bulb on the top.

Posted by loretta greiner on December 23, 2013 at 6:30pm — 2 Comments

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Posted by Karyn on April 21, 2014

3 sammy


Posted by Vivere on April 19, 2014

4 Do others have this?

Do others have this?

Posted by Karyn on April 19, 2014

5 Chitosan as a cleaner

Chitosan as a cleaner

Posted by Karyn on April 22, 2014


Critter under couch 1 Reply

Started by Karyn. Last reply by Gretchen Schulz 2 minutes ago.

Please I.D.

Started by Karyn 8 minutes ago.

strong odor in clothing box 2 Replies

Started by Gretchen Schulz. Last reply by Gretchen Schulz 11 minutes ago.


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